Our Forward Vision is to build a relationship with our members whose primary objective aligns with ours which is developing a useful network that supports each other!

By “useful”, we mean that input = output.   As the network expands from your inputs, we will transform it to benefit you with “the place to go” and get preliminary information before objectively deciding on who to transact with.  Simply put, our info will give you what you need to know when making decisions in the marketplace.  

There is never a guarantee as to the performance outcomes because service is a journey of everyday experiences.  We also know that reading a thousand posts to get a feel as to who to reward or avoid in the marketplace is impractical.  Therefore, we summarize the input into either a pass or needs improvement.  When marked as a pass,  the chances of a poor experience are much less.  It is that simple!

As time progresses with input growth, we will manage the inputs to summarize the opinions.  Every business serves the majority well, but what happens to the minority that did not fair that well?  And more importantly, what if that was me?  These are open questions for “Anything less than the best is unacceptable” .  On this platform we have specifically developed another platform to provide the additional support for consumers,  it is “Follow up Support Services.com.”

It is our vision to maximize technology we enjoy today to provide a cost-effective service.

Thank you for your support during this journey we are all taking.  We appreciate your participation!

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