The Service with a Smile®  approach is based upon consumer experiences and their evaluations.

Service with a Smile® Ratings is unique in its approach to market research.  We take only the consumer’s perspective researching products and services that may satisfy their wants and needs.  The customer perspective always comes first in our approach!

When retained to check service performance, we hire each consumer for our research based on demographics and their geographical location.  We interview each application on a one-by-one basis before adding them to our consumer bank.  Our consumers are our greatest asset!

Our team takes this unique approach throughout the buying process.  The team completes the market research, analysis the options available, followed by the buying decisions on potential purchases, followed by final purchase decisions.

Our evaluations and ratings are provided base on these experiences and any questions a company has are answered.

The data collected are the companies property and all interactions remain 100% confidential!

In regards to personal information.  We keep our consumer’s personal information anonymous using number indexing.   All of our consumers are paid for their part and agree to a confidentiality agreement. 

For our clients that retain us for research and evaluations, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Let Service with a Smile Ratings make the difference!

Service with a Smile® Provides answers to a variety of questions that benefit companies beyond brand positioning which includes:

What are consumers experiencing early in the cycle?

Is the advertising team’s budget effective in the marketplace?

Are there any obstacles that may hinder the transition into a smooth buying experience?

Is your advertising team’s budget effective in the marketplace?

Is your company losing its fair market share due to an unforeseen or unknown factor that may be causing the consumer to seek satisfaction with your competitors?

If so, why?

Market research companies analyze the data after the purchase has been completed. Our approach focuses mainly on the pre-sale cycle.  This is where an investment in us, can make a difference!