Our story began with providing service audits and training to Multi-National Corporations that wanted to improve their service delivery to customers.

We registered our trademark Service with a Smile® on March 15, 1991.

Trademark Information
During the early 1990s, we performed projects in writing service manuals, implemented service seminars and management training programs.
We created Frontline Service Consultants to monitor and evaluate service results and to collect data on the customer experience using our shoppers.

We developed many Customer Satisfaction Surveys for our clients, providing management consulting, marketing services, and seminars.

Service with a Smile® has been involved in training, multifaceted programs, and service analysis since 1988.

Today, we offer Service with Smile® evaluations, and rating verification audits.  Starting from the point of the pre-purchase cycle, our business evaluation includes the analysis of services, client contact, support services.
We will continue with our consumer approach and perspective for all eCommerce users.  All users, both business and individual are welcome to use our site to post their opinions using our “3-C’s Service” which is Compliments, Comments, and Challenges!

Meet the Founder

Barbara Chung-Prince, Founder

It gives us enormous joy to bring Service with a Smile® Ratings to this platform.  Over the past 30 plus years, projects have been secretive, confidential, and for only corporate clients.  We feel that the time is long overdue for sharing our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of both business and consumers alike.  With the transformation of today’s technology and how consumers are using it, this has proven to be an exciting time to participate while maintaining our philosophy and approach.

In addition, it is apparent to us that product and service information is scattered across the networks making it impractical and somewhat difficult to find and summarize.  That is why we are bringing our knowledge in service ratings to the creation and to establish a Central Consumer Information (CCI) and shopping platform.  By design, both the consumer and business will benefit from Service with a Smile® Ratings.

We welcome you and your family to join us and benefit from all that we have to offer.  We have developed our 3-C’s program, which is our site forum.  This allows for consumers to post Compliments, Comments, and Challenges about our trusted retail members and recommend non members that should belong to the site.  In addition, if a trusted retail member is not performing as expect, the consumer is able to reach out on our Follow up Support Service site. (followupsupportservices.com)  As for the future, this is just the beginning of our new product and service developments yet to come!