Service with a Smile® Compliments, Comments, and Challenges and what they are!

Better is possible
The “Service with a Smile®” of today is as much to do with the entire experience until the journey has ended.

In the past, the traditional journey was a straight line, from start to finish.  It was almost always a person-to-person interaction.  Today, we are consumers on the internet or confronted with AI and other automation including self-service.  Like most everything in current times, the journey has evolved to be anything but simple, and it’s shaped differently for everyone.

Our job is to search for recommendations that indicate consistently positive outcomes proving that their processes and services are the best choices for consumers.

The five-star system works for specific elements but it is “inconsistent” when providing overall service performance which is from the inputs being tampered with by moderators resulting in “filtered and unreliable” output. (Ratings!)

It appears that everyone is 4.0 to 4.9 stars with a couple of negative ratings tucked somewhere in between that are often outdated.  How can this be?

“Better is possible” for these reasons and more.  And for the better of everyone, we have developed this site that we ask you to participate in.  Once we are fully developed, we will be unique in providing simplified reliable summations that can be easily accessed for the best “places and choices!”

Posting is your best recommendation is an important part of the entire process.  So when you feel that providing a post is worthy of your time to inform your family, friends, and others who may read your posts, then please provide it.  Hopefully, in just a short time before you reap the benefits of these efforts!

Here are the meanings of the 3’C’s:

A Compliment is made when the service experience is “consistently ranges from friendly, good, personable, splendid, commendable, really good, fulfilling, credible, noteworthy, and especially praise able up to and including excellent or within that standard!  The keyword here is “consistently” throughout the service process!  With enough compliments, the service provider may be said to the best!

A Comment is made when the service is good but better is possible to become consistent. 

A Challenge is made when a Compliment is posted and you do not agree, then you can challenge that “Compliment” with your own current experience.  This may be done with a comment on that post, and you can create to share your experience!

A Complaint is made to someone else and is not posted on this site unless it is in the context of a Challenge.

Google definition of “Service with a Smile”
Service with a smile.  A smile is a spark that ignites a great customer service experience. It’s a simple gesture that radiates outwards into every aspect of a business, from the CEO down to employees and stays with customers long after they finish shopping.”
There is a lot of truth in Google’s content that we agree with and we rate the customer process or journey from beginning to end including after the journey is over.
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